Floating Future

Floating Future is a Dutch company that develops floating technology to enable food production floating on open water all over the world. Floating future does this as sustainably and organically as possible.


In the future, cities will have problems providing their populations with fresh and sustainably produced food.


Most growing cities in the world are located on water or have a connection with water. With floating technology, food production is made possible on unused water surfaces.

Scaleable floating technology

Floating Future develops and builds floating food islands of 6m x 26m each that can be linked infinitely. MARIN will conduct extensive research for this in 2022.

For Cities

Floating future takes fresh and healthy quality food directly, faster and cheaper to consumer or merchants.

The Hydroponics method

On floating technology, crops are grown with hydroponics. This is the most efficient and sustainable way of growing. Floating Future works together with Wageningen University for this.

R&D Team

Floating Future works as an interdisciplinary Team consisting of Scientists, Biologists, Designers and Engineers.


In 2000 the first floating garden was commissioned by the Municipality Amsterdam. It was built with an cooperation of people with a distance to the labour market. (This floating garden can still be admired at the Panamakade in Amsterdam).

The new food

Demo and test location in Almere Netherlands (20km from Amsterdam).



The first steps

Master students and scientists at Wageningen UR are researching the possibilities of food production on floating islands. The group separates is urban and marine environment.

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